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Recommended Roleplays

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Sep. 12th, 2006 | 10:31 pm
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These may or may not be updated over time. But these are three recommended RPs for literate players.


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Aéquitas|Veritas - Kelly - Based on the second (upcoming) move, All Saints Day, AV is set in Ireland to whence the Boys have returned to clear their names after the Brutal murder of a Catholic Bishop.
Starring: Conner & Murphy McManus; Il Duce; Iona, Bryna & Niall O'Callaghan.

RavenHill - KC - Based around "Vampire, the Masquerade" and World of Darkness in Victorian England, RavenHill is an estate near London around which long-established characters play out their lives.
Starring: Led Zamie; Sebastien Devereaux; Kestral Ennaiddraig; Mrs White.

Bellezza Scura - Kitty - Set in Harry Potter's sixth Summer, too soon after Albus Dumbledore's demise to be comfortable, the Trio are bound to find the Horcruxes (after the Wedding of course). But the world plots against the illustrious three, and hearts' tangled webs catch more than flies.
Starring: Harry Potter; Hermione Granger; The Weasleys; Morag MacDougal & Stephen Cornfoot; Bryna Mulcahy-Prewett; The Prewetts (Ft Baby Sian).

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