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γνῶθι σεαυτόν

Know thyself and you will know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe

siren (like the mythic monster)
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2009/2012 endoftheworld, absurdly detailed livejournal interests, alona tal, amusingly porny fairytales, apocalypse nowish, armageddon, asteroids, bad boys, bad omens, bad teen movies, bailey, baking, being evil, big damn heroes, blondes, boondock saints, breaking through the universe, buffy/faith, bum fights, caprica six, castles, china mieville, confection, ddf, dean winchester, doctor, doctor who, doctor/donna/friend, donna noble, doodlebugging, dr who, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's singalong blog, drunk!meredith, evil supergenius(es), existentialism, family, firefly, french toast (unburnt), general chaos, good omens, grey's anatomy, groiny, heroes, how, illegal homeless boxing, internet, intrigue, jello-pony, jelly camels, josie & the pussycats, kate walsh, kate/katie, katee sackhoff, katie heigl, kristen bell, language, loopholes, love, mocking, movies, mr what, music, mystical experience, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, nes, nice boys, nine, nine/rose, nph, plans, plots, ponies, pony?!, pretty girls, pretty pictures, pretty words, pretty girls playing with knives, purity, quoting tv dialogue, reality cannon, ridiculously elaborate evil schemes, roleplay, rose tyler, sandra oh, sarcasm, serenity, seriously. seriously? seriously!, setting pools on fire, shiny things, shiny!, shinyshinyhouse, shinyshinyjob, six loves to love!, skills, sleep, smb3, spies, steph swainston, studying interns, stuff&things, sugar quills, summer glau, superevil genius(es), supernatural, tattoos, team addison, ten, ten/rose, terry pratchett, themed hair, tricia helfer, trollbridge, trouble, tv, veronica mars, what, when, where, who, why, writing, z/a/v, zanessa tisdale